Style Consultation

Trends seemed to be designed for hardened capitalist machinery, a kind of cog in a mechanical fashion robot. Boring ! You’d be a mug to follow when you could just play to your own advantage, rules and in your own good time and bank balance.

But not everyone has the time to invest in developing a workable and wonderful look/wardrobe for themselves or their work role – and like it or not we do live in a world where the image is the reality in most people’s eyes.

I do image/wardrobe/style consultations for people in all walks of life – it’s all about being your very best and happiest possible self.

I worked with Dr Polly Russell, Food Historian, British Library Curator and Presenter on the BBC2 series Back in Time, and she fabulous lady that she is, has been kind enough to recommend me;

“Lucy’s expert eye, gentle guidance and electric style made choosing outfits and creating different looks a pleasure not a chore. She helped curate my wardrobe for my second TV series when I was seriously short of time, money and clothes. As a result of her styling skills she unearthed combinations of new outfits from my existing clothes which didn’t cost me a penny. Lucy is friendly and supportive but she’s not afraid to say if a particular look isn’t working. Most importunity, Lucy didn’t attempt to change my style or taste, she helped me refine it and express it more clearly.”


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