Bridal Styling

My personal philosophy with styling is make the client, the wearer their best possible self, their happiest and most confident self. Not impressing my ideas onto them regardless of whether it suits or pleases them. In short to listen and to look.

I once met a young beautiful woman, a bride to be, some one pretty who was a little shy of embracing her confidence  and obvious (to me) potential beauty. She was about to embark on her wedding day in an over sized, out dated frumpy dress and I’m glad to say that idea was solidly put to rest after a chat and an elegant dress and happy bride blossomed instead.

Here is a word from the lady herself and some lovely pictures;

“I am eternally grateful for the help and advice I received from Lucy.
I personally found entering bridal shops incredibly daunting and often quite unfriendly places, which is a shame as let’s face it after the cake (and marrying the love of your life) the dress is the best bit.
After some bad advice I was sold a larger than life princess wedding dress.
I was never in love with my dress and leading up to my wedding I had lost quite a lot of weight. This left me with a dilemma the dress no longer fits!
This is when Lucy came to the rescue a friend had recommended Lucy as she might be able to alter the dress and advise me on what to do.
Lucy came to my parents’ home and I was instantly put at ease. Unlike the women I had encountered in bridal shops Lucy didn’t make me feel uncomfortable or push her opinions on me. She listened to what I liked and my plans for the day and she suggested ideas based on this and what would suit my figure.
After several cups of tea and a lot of talking and looking at different ideas I came to the conclusion that a new dress was in order.
With Lucy’s advice and guidance I was able to go wedding dress shopping with a clear idea of what I wanted and most importantly what would suit me.  And thanks to Lucy I ended up with my dream dress.”

If you or a some one you know would like a style consultation, styling/dressing on the big day or even one of my limited edition bridal veils then contact me at or check out my website



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