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This summer is one for busily ferreting away at re-branding, and properly launching my fashion label, more on that to follow, but as it stands I will soon be closing this blog down, keeping my style blog and the forthcoming website.

I just wanted to let anyone interested know that they can find news on my work elsewhere and to feel free to ‘add’ me on social media, before I shut this site down in the next few weeks.

Here are some links :)

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Custom Made Haunted by Belle Laide

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Haunted by Belle Laide,  making one off pieces and designs from found, upcycled materials, unique or made to order luxury items, with no piece exactly the same, just like a finger print.

Using swarovski crystals, gilded shells, faux pearls and real, broken timepieces, stone, wood, vintage jewels to create my custom pieces. The photos are samples of my work and are for sale, but I can also be contacted for bespoke orders for statement designs, brides, performance of women’s wear, knitwear, millinery, jewelery and other accessories.








Haunted by Belle Laide

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Sister to Belle Laide,there is Haunted by Belle Laide, for one off special pieces, made to order oddities, costume jewellery, Bridal and wedding clothes/accessories, hats. Soon to be up for sale, my profile on Not Just A Label is now live;

;Modeled by the actress Lucy Parkinson and photographed by Susannah Hellden; the MUAH/styling/designs – by me.











Photos by Sussanah Hellden with Lucy Parkinson modelling.

More of the Taste of Belle Laide

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The Belle Laide photoshoot with Susannah Hellden photographing Model and Actress Lucy Parkinson.


Behind the Scenes of a Taste of Belle Laide

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The Belle Laide photo shoot with Lucy Parkinson modelling, Sussannah Hellenden took the photos which will be posted in the near furture, but for now I have some shots behind the scenes of some of the work of the evening.

There are 3 sweaters in either pure Merino yarn or a mix of Merino, Wool, Lurex; a tank top in Cashmere and Merino yarn; a pure Merino long scarf with the zig zag design and handmade tassles and one multi coloured long scarf in a mix of the selection of yarns, including tassles in gold Lurex yarn.

I did the MUAH and fashion styling on the shoot.






A Taste of Belle Laide

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Due to unforeseen circumstances the Belle Laide  knitwear look book and capsule collection will not be possible as planned for this February/ Autumn & Winter season. Some pieces are in the process of being finished and later photographed, more as a taster proceeding the capsule collection; which will necessarily be pushed back till September for Spring Summer.


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