A Taste of Belle Laide

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Due to unforeseen circumstances the Belle Laide  knitwear look book and capsule collection will not be possible as planned for this February/ Autumn & Winter season. Some pieces are in the process of being finished and later photographed, more as a taster proceeding the capsule collection; which will necessarily be pushed back till September for Spring Summer.


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Oh My Goodness I’ve only just seen this from a competition I’d entered after graduating;


Nice to know in hindsight at least….

Belle Laide

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 I am happy to say that I have my own label on the way.

I am in the process of launching a capsule collectionfor my soon to be launched fashion knitwear brand, Belle Laide.
Using the meaning Beautiful Ugly from the French Belle Laide, the designs and brand ethos will reflect creating a fascination for something not purely beautiful in the usual or common value of these things, something a little jarring or even ugly but wholly attractive to those with the right kind of eyes.
The knitwear will be made from luxe yarns such as merino, cashmere, lambswool, but with the ocassional burst of the man made, metalllic or plastic to give it a little kick.
The first capsule collection will be launching in spring 2014 for A/W with a concise edit of looks as a launch, with a gradual expansion with each season.

A website will be online soon and look books due for February.


Jaunt Accessories

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Here is the look book I assisted on for travel luxe bag brand; Jaunt Accessories;


Styling – Behind the Scenes

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Here is some recent backstage goings on with Drafted magazine and Jaunt resort bags;

With thanks to Martina for the picture and Drafted magazine

With thanks to Martina for the picture and Drafted magazine

Jaunt Accessories

Jaunt Accessories









Poison Candy Flower

Posted in Fashion on July 23, 2013 by Lucy February

My new designs, with 3D samples to come..









Copyright – Lucy February 2013

Cynthia Conran Anywear Everywear

Posted in Fashion on May 17, 2013 by Lucy February

I’ve been working with about to be launched luxe womenswear brand Cynthia Conran Anywear Everywear recently. The brand is about wearable, comfortable, glamourous, separates in cashmere, silk, bamboo and cotton, worn interchangeably for absolutely any ocassion.

Here are a couple of illustrations I’ve done of 2 versions of the Wrap Dress and a poster of the forthcoming event/pop up boutique coming next week






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